October 4, 2010

Poll Results: Hughes should start Game 3

poll results42In one of the most lopsided polls in lenNY’s Yankees history, fans voted Phil Hughes should start Game 3 of the ALDS instead of A.J. Burnett.

The fans may have a point.

Sadly, the player they chose to start Game 3 isn’t the one making $16.5 MM. Hughes made a cool $447K this year.

For the record, Joe Girardi hasn’t said a word about the Yankees postseason roster, let alone the postseason rotation. Well, unless you count this: “We know that Derek Jeter is going to be on the roster.”

My expected playoff rotation is CC Sabathia for Game 1, obviously, then Andy Pettitte, then Hughes. After that, it depends on the status of the series.

New poll: Who’s your favorite to win the World Series?

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