October 25, 2010

Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland not coming back next year

Brian Cashman today announced Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland will not return to the club next year.

“It has nothing to do with what took place in the playoffs,” Cashman said.

Cashman said the decision is not based on performance. He labeled the reason as “private.”

“It was my decision,” Cashman said.

That was a shock. Cashman seemed to contradict himself a little when he said it was “not based on performance” but “it was my decision.” So why else, they didn’t get along personally? I doubt it, but I don’t think we’ll ever get to the bottom of this.

Either way it’s time to move on. Scranton Yankees beat Donnie Collins has already done so, noting Dave Duncan just re-signed with the Cardinals today.

Potential replacements? Well, I guess Scranton/Wilkes-Barre pitching coach Scott Aldred — who has done a nice job here — should get some consideration. But I’m guessing this will be an outside-the-organization hire. Whoever comes in is going to have to work with some of the young guys, get Phil Hughes to the next level and get something out of Joba Chamberlain. Maybe the biggest name floating out there right now is ex-A’s pitching coach Curt Young, who turned down a contract offer from Oakland to pursue other opportunities over the weekend.

I’m not exactly an encyclopedia of pitching coaches, so Collins’ guess is as good as mine. If I had to guess, maybe an ex-Yankee pitcher like El Duque? Irabu?

(Just kidding.)

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