November 27, 2010

Buster’s tweet of the day: Burnett meeting significant for reason to be named later

Buster Olney first tweeted Brian Cashman flew to meet with A.J. Burnett on Wednesday (he does with other players too). Now here it is, folks, Olney’s useless tweet of the day:
buster tweet of the dayOne of my Twitter followers thinks this tweet will likely lead to nothing, but what if it did mean something? Here are three possibilities:

Peace Out
Maybe Cashman met with Burnett to see if he wants out of New York. I think it’s a definite possibility. But keep in mind that moving him to another team would be hard to do unless the Yankees pick up a significant portion of the $49.5 million remaining on his contract.

Arkansas Roots
Another reasonable possibility is Cashman told Burnett to help convince Cliff Lee to come to New York, as Mike Axisa suggested. This might be true, but isn’t CC Sabathia, Lee’s ex-teammate in Cleveland, enough? Olney reported today Lee will meet with one to three teams next week.

Bullpen Sentence
Lastly, maybe Burnett’s tenure as a starter is over. This is the unlikeliest of the three, but it’s possible. As I’m sure you remember, he went 10-15 with a 5.26 ERA in 2010 — and he was 6-2 with a 3.28 ERA through May. A two-pitch pitcher like Burnett might be better off as a reliever. Just imagine if he replaced Mariano Rivera.

(Obviously, I’ll provide the update tomorrow when Olney reveals his secret.)

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