November 26, 2010

Sherman: Yankees should offer Jeter big incentive-laden contract

Via Joel Sherman (my emphasis):

Here is the Thanksgiving gift: The Yankees give Jeter a six-year, $75 million contract that breaks down as $20 million a year from 2011-13 and $5 million a year from 2014-16. The twist is that each $5 million year becomes a $20 million season if Jeter reaches 500 plate appearances in the previous campaign.

I sort of liked Sherman’s idea until I read the twist.

A $15 million increase!? Just for reaching 500 plate appearances!?

I would like Sherman’s idea a lot more if the requirements for the $15 million bonus were a little more challenging; for example, he should have to score at least 100 runs too. This will help ensure his 500 plate appearances are actually worth $20 million*.

*Because if you score 100 runs on the Yankees, you have to make $20 million. Brewers second baseman Rickie Weeks finished second in runs scored in 2010 with 112. He earned $2.75 million.

Still, Sherman’s proposed contract would mean Jeter has a chance to earn $20 million at age 42! In all of these Jeter contract discussions, I haven’t read anything about him changing positions, and let’s just say you would be hard-pressed to find another 42-year-old shortstop out there.

With Alex Rodriguez likely manning third base (or DH) through 2017*, I don’t see where Jeter fits into the Yankees lineup if he’s not at shortstop.

*Fun fact: A-Rod will make $20 million at age 42.

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