November 24, 2010

Pick your weapon: Jeter, Rivera, Lee

If I had to choose to give Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera or Cliff Lee the deal they want, it would be Rivera (we don’t know what Andy Pettitte wants yet or even if he is going to return). Rivera would play the fewest number of innings among the three listed, but he’s still worth it because of all the headaches (and games) he saves.

And I do not want a 40-year-old shortstop or an overrated starter in his late 30s making more than $20 million on the Yankees (4-6 years down the line).

Right now, the Yankees don’t even have their top setup man from last year secured for next season (Kerry Wood). They didn’t even offer him arbitration. Can you imagine Joba Chamberlain as a closer in 2011? I could easily see him blowing eight saves for the Yankees. Rivera has blown eight saves in the last three years combined.

Some followers on Twitter agreed with my pick.
twitter responses 11.24
Keep in mind there are a few legitimate free agent closers available this offseason. Of course, none are in the same echelon as Rivera.

Not on Twitter? Tell me who you would pick in the comments!

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