November 8, 2010

Poll Results: Save DH for Posada & veterans

poll results47 The fans have spoken. In my latest poll, the majority of voters said the Yankees should not invest in a full-time DH. This allows Joe Girardi to rotate veterans like Jorge Posada through the DH spot, giving them half-days off instead of full.

After one source for the Yankees revealed Jesus Montero is ready to start for the Yankees in 2011, I had to side with the majority.

In my first Yankees lineup projection of the offseason, I had Adam Dunn (a coveted free agent) in the six slot. Here’s my first revision to the projected lineup (changes in italics):

1. Brett Gardner LF
2. Curtis Granderson CF
3. Robinson Cano 2B
4. Alex Rodriguez 3B
5. Mark Teixeira 1B
6. Jorge Posada DH
7. Derek Jeter SS
8. Nick Swisher RF
9. Jesus Montero C

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