December 30, 2010

10 hilarious reactions to Bartolo Colon being linked to Yankees (the news is true)

When I heard the Yankees had joined the “sweepstakes” for free agent Bartolo Colon, my reaction was: “a sweepstakes implies there will be a prize. Bartolo Colon is no prize.”

The reactions to this news on Twitter were too good not to post.

19jms: “are they going to fortify the pitching rubber so it survives Sabathia and Bartolo?”

RMONO87: “what purpose would Bartolo colon serve on the Yankees.? He couldn't pitch his way out a bucket of kfc fried chicken”

jackalltogether: “Are the Yankees putting together a starting rotation or offensive line?”

lepton939: “I'd prefer Jim Kaat if we are going the route of senior citizen.”

KeithRusso: “Cashman may as well give a ring to Kevin Brown to go with Colon and Prior... Did he fall and hit his head or something???”

natelopez53: “will the number of combined stripes on cc's and colon's uniforms match the yankee payroll?”

HunterFelt: “Wait the Yankees are seeking out Bartolo Colon? Is Sir Sidney Ponson in jail? Did David Wellls drink himself to death?”

wack0jacko: “Let me get this straight. Are you telling me this is Bartolo Colon AFTER losing 40 pounds?

SteveH_MandAura: “Of course the Yankees are looking at Bartolo Colon, hes 350 lbs., you can't miss him.”

bkabak: “Yanks interested in Bartolo Colon for what exactly? Great Hall greeter?”

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