December 4, 2010

Jeter agrees to 3-year deal with Yankees

We don’t know exactly how much it’s worth, but we know the deal is done.

UPDATE: Now we do.

Derek Jeter has agreed to return to the Yankees for three years with a fourth-year vesting option.

Jeter’s new contract is worth between $45-51 million, or $15-17 million per season.

The negotiations lasted a month. I’d say the Yankees came out winners here, as they didn’t give into Jeter’s demand of a four-year deal and didn’t pay him more than $20 million per season.

On the other hand, couldn’t the Yankees have just told Jeter to take a three-year, $30 million deal or find somewhere else to play? I highly doubt any team would’ve paid Jeter more than $10 million a season and I don’t think Jeter would retire.

OK, so that move probably would have ticked off Jeter. But why did he have to be so greedy? All he tells the media is it’s always about winning. Well, if he had taken less money from the Yankees they could’ve spent more on another free agent. Sorry, Jeter, but now we know it’s not always about winning with you.

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