December 13, 2010

Poll Results: Cliff Lee most important free agent to Yankees (Sans Mariano Rivera)

poll results52 In my latest poll results, Yankees fans voted Cliff Lee as the most important free agent left to the Yankees’ success next year. Remember, this did not include Mariano Rivera.

Interestingly, Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte received the same number of votes. Jeter is back on board with the Yankees on a three year, $51 contract with a player option. Check out the full details here if you missed them.

Pettitte hasn’t decided if he’s coming back to baseball or not.

New poll: What’s your reaction to Jeter’s contract?

P.S.: Thanks for sticking with lenNY’s Yankees through my toughest final exams period. I’ve never had to work so hard in one week before, and I’m glad it’s over now. As expected, the moment I shut down my blog Jeter’s contract got finalized and then Rivera and his son visited my school. Lee signing was the only thing missing. Some say today is the day for that. I’ll keep you posted, like usual.

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