December 20, 2010

Poll Results: Jeter’s contract negotiations should have been private

poll results53 The majority of fans voted Derek Jeter’s contract negotiations should have been private. The next two highest choices voted were “Jeter is selfish” and “private negotiations next time.”

I voted for those exact three choices.

Just when I started bashing all athletes for never taking less money than they are offered — cough, Jeter — Kerry Wood signed with the Cubs for far less money than he could have earned with the Yankees or White Sox.

Now that the Yankees have missed out on several free agent pitching targets, I wonder how much the Yankees will pay Andy Pettitte if he decides to return. Will he force the Yankees to overpay him? Will Pettitte do what Jeter should have done and accept less money than offered to him?

Well, either way, the longer Pettitte waits to decide, the more of it hurts the Yankees.

Next poll: With Martin starting at catcher, does Montero start the season in Scranton or New York?

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