February 4, 2011

Andy Pettitte: ‘I will not pitch this season’

The most important statement from today’s Andy Pettitte’s presser came about a quarter of the way through when he said very clearly, “I will not pitch this season.”

Here are some other noteworthy comments from the conference.

  • According to his wife, Laura, Pettitte said after losing to Texas in the playoffs he felt that was it.
  • 2011 would have been Pettitte’s last year “for sure,” Laura said.
  • The Roger Clemens situation “has not had any effect, I mean zero, on my decision. I would never let that interfere with a life decision.”
  • “I’ve never considered myself a Hall of Famer. I am honored people are talking about it.”
  • Pettitte: “I don’t think it would have mattered,” if the Yankees had signed Cliff Lee.

Once again, I’ll have plenty more posts on Pettitte here. I don’t like to touch on the Clemens stuff, but do you believe Andy when he said the Clemens situation didn’t affect him?

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