February 16, 2011

Best Mike Francesa segment I’ve ever heard

Rich in Hackensack is a Mets lover and he had a problem with Mike Francesa. This is how it went down. See below for my two favorite excerpts transcribed.

Only 327 views at time of posting. What a shame.

Francesa: “In what way, I’m giving you a chance here. In what way—
Rich: I wanna talk about—
Francesa: In what way are they exceptional?
Rich: They are exceptional because they are magical.
Francesa: Magical, OK. And how are they magical?
Rich: Well, that’s why they’re called the Amazin’ Mets.

Rich: Hey listen, the Yankees haven’t won the World Series since they beat the Mets.
Francesa: They haven’t? Were you in the country two years ago, or what?
[Two seconds of dead air]
Rich: What are you talking about?
Francesa: Did the Yankees win the World Series two years ago?
Rich: Wha— … did they?

(Thank you so much, @JimmyTraina and @MikeFrancesaNY, for posting this.)

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