February 21, 2011

Poll Results: Freddy Garcia favored to win final spot in Yankee rotation

poll results62 My latest poll results were pretty definitive. Freddy Garcia, despite his sub-90 mph fastball, will win the final spot in the Yankee rotation. (This is assuming Ivan Nova keeps his job as the No. 4 guy. It’s his job to lose.)

The other candidates aren’t attractive at all. Bartolo Colon is a giant, Sergio Mitre is the most inconsistent pitcher on the planet, and everybody else is just too young. (I hope everyone saw this news clip about Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances starting 2011 in Double-A.)

For those thinking Kevin Millwood was still an option for the rotation, he just recently rejected the Yankees’ minor-league contract proposal. I wasn’t a big fan of Millwood anyway.

New poll: Will Robinson Cano be MVP in 2011?

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