February 22, 2011

Yankees: Don’t ever do what Knicks did

Let me start off by saying a trade like the Knicks pulled off last night would never happen in baseball because basketball is a completely different game.

carmeloA star like Carmelo Anthony makes much more of a difference in a basketball game than Alex Rodriguez can make in a baseball game. If Melo goes off for 50, the Knicks are winning — plain and simple. If A-Rod hits three homers, there’s no guarantee the Yankees’ pitching is going to hold that lead.

So please, Yankees, don’t trade lovable homegrown players for a superstar. I’m talking about you, Robinson Cano, Brett Gardner and of course, any member of the Core Four.

Losing Danilo Gallinari and Wilson Chandler hurts a lot. So does losing Raymond Felton, even though he’s not homegrown. But in basketball, a trade like this is acceptable. The impact Melo can have in a basketball game is bigger than what a baseball superstar can have.

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