March 20, 2011

Another radio segment on Yankee Roll Call

I love writing about the Yankees and interacting with you faithful readers in the comments and on Twitter, but yesterday I had a chance to talk about the Yankees on the air. Paul Bauer and Joe Castello of Yankee Roll Call — a Yankees radio talk show — gave me that chance. Here’s my segment:

On the show we discussed:

  • Battle for the Rotation — Ivan Nova, Freddy Garcia (0:37-3:36)
  • Nova Rules? (3:36-4:19)
  • A.J. Burnett the X-Factor — Phil Hughes (4:32-7:10)
  • Leadoff spot — Derek Jeter, Brett Gardner (7:14-11:08)
  • Backup catcher — Jesus Montero, Francisco Cervelli (11:09-13:06)

Hope you enjoyed it, but I’m always open to constructive criticism! Let me know what you thought of my latest radio appearance in the comments.

Thanks again, Paul and Joe, for giving me the opportunity. Hope to be on again soon!

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