March 23, 2011

Curtis Granderson might miss Opening Day

A slight strain in Curtis Granderson’s internal oblique might keep him from playing on Opening Day. Joe Girardi told reporters today the Yankees center fielder has a “chance” to play.

It’s unfortunate the injury bug hit the Yankees late in the spring, but sometimes you have to roll with the punches.

OK, so if not Grandy in center on Opening Day, then who? The top backup outfielder has to be the guy who the Yankees paid $2 million this offseason: Andruw Jones.

Jones, 33 years old, isn’t having a particularly strong spring training statistically, .219/.306/.375, but I suspect he’ll be getting more at-bats now that Granderson is out.

Don’t tell me it should be Greg Golson, who I just found out is called “Goley” by Girardi, because he was optioned to Triple-A. I like Golson’s speed, but he hasn’t shown enough with the bat for the Yankees to put him on the roster right from the get-go.

Note: It’s possible the Yankees will move Brett Gardner to center field and have Jones play left. That’s just my speculation.

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