March 2, 2011

Here’s what I should have named this blog

My real name is Leonard, but everyone calls me Lenny. I’ve always liked how New York’s “NY” are also the last two letters of my nickname. But wouldn’t it be cool if I could have used something closer to my real name, but still have the “NY” in it?

Now it’s possible. A Cuban prospect likely to declare free agency this week has this brilliant name: Leon’ys Martin.

If anyone can find a pronunciation guide for “Leon’ys,” please drop me a line in the comments.

So what do you think, time to make a change?

Welcome to LeoN’Ys Yankees — A Bronx Bombers Blog.

Just teasin’, but it’s still a great name. Back to your regular dose of Yankees content. A.J. Burnett makes his spring debut against half of the Astros today at Steinbrenner Field. Be sure to tune in.

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Uncle T said...

Hey Len

Why don't you just buy the Yankees, and then your blog name is perfect!

Uncle T

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