March 2, 2011

Jorge Posada is a little confused right now, and he should be

Via The New York Times:

“I’m going to keep thinking as a DH, keep working as a DH,” Jorge Posada said. “If I start catching in games, it’s not going to help me. I need to concentrate on being a DH, because if I start catching then I won’t be able to put it away. I know I can still catch. But I’m not thinking as a catcher anymore.”

According to the article, Posada still travels with his catching equipment bag too.

The Yankees already told him his days as an everyday catcher were over — and that’s a good thing — but during spring training he needs to be figuring out a routine all DH’s need to develop. Instead of calling every pitch and then rushing to take his pads off, he’ll have time to hit balls in a batting cage between at-bats if he so chooses.

My dad thinks the move actually will hurt Posada because of the extreme shift from being the most active defensive player for 14 seasons to an inactive defensive player.

He could be right, but I think we’ll see a decline in numbers from Posada more so because of his age. He’s 39 years old and must be getting tired.

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