March 25, 2011

Kevin Millwood & Chris Dickerson in, Sergio Mitre out

After keeping quiet for most of spring training, the Yankees made a couple of moves this morning, less than a week away from Opening Day.

First, they finally signed Kevin Millwood. Second, they traded Sergio Mitre to the Brewers for center fielder Chris Dickerson.

Of course, the Yankees had to stir the pot right after I released my pitching projections.

The first thing about these moves that pops out to me is the Yankees just got a possible backup outfielder for a player they were likely going to let go of anyway. Mitre didn’t have any options left so if he didn’t make the Yankees, he would have been let go.

Dickerson is a lefty who had a rough 2010 after a good start to his career in Cincinnati in 2008-09. Perhaps we’ll see him called up instead of Colin Curtis or Greg Golson.

As for Millwood, the Yankees were negotiating with him all spring it seems, but never could settle on a price. I guess Millwood realized not a lot of teams were interested anymore.

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