March 13, 2011

Mariano Rivera debuts, Yanks cut prospects

I wish I could have seen it live. I’ve missed it dearly. Mo’s cutter is a thing of beauty. The placement. The lack of emotion. The hitters’ confusion and their broken bats. After seeing it on replay, nothing’s changed (video), except for maybe the high socks?

I really liked Russell Martin’s reaction to catching the thing.

“When you’re in the box, it’s a nightmare,” Russell Martin said. “When you’re behind the plate, it’s the complete opposite… That’s the best cutter I’ve caught, for sure. It’s cause, normally you see some kind of spin and his, you don’t see the spin. There’s no side spin. It just cuts. I don’t know how he does it.”

It’s nice to get a new opinion on it, and nice to hear the detail about the spin. Sounds unhittable. And it is.

The Yankees slimmed their locker room a tad today, cutting 11 young guys.

Notable Cuts:
Hector Noesi — pitched in four games, allowed four earned runs (three homers) in nine innings. He showed some life, however, walking one and mowing down seven.
Adam Warren — impressed the Yankees, allowing one earned in 5-2/3 innings, striking out five and walking three.
David Phelps — got absolutely clobbered this spring. Batters tagged him for 16 hits and 11 runs (seven earned) in six innings. He walked four and K’d eight.

Sorry for the lack of posts the past couple days. Here in Florida my Internet access is pretty shaky. Try and be happy for me, though, as I eagled the second hole of my seven-year golf career today on a chip. Don’t fret, I’ll be back full strength Wednesday night when I make my return to the frigid Northeast.

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