April 11, 2011

Poll Results: Bartolo Colon will be gone by the end of the month

poll results69The majority of voters said long reliever Bartolo Colon won’t be on the Yankees’ roster in May. His replacement could be the latest Yankees signee, another old starter, Carlos Silva, to a minor league deal.

Silva had a solid year for the Cubs in 2010 (10-6, 4.22 ERA), and is known for throwing strikes. In 2006, he threw a few too many strikes, as he led the league in home runs allowed (38).

Colon has picked up a loss in two appearances this season, but he has eaten 8-1/3 innings. It’s nice to have a mop-up man in the pen and I don’t mind Colon being that guy until he really starts to get bombed.

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