June 16, 2011

Brett Gardner delivers walk-off in 12th

The Yankees finished their sweep of the Rangers, but it took more than nine innings. After an excellent spot start by journeyman Brian Gordon, the Yankees finally got a hit with a runner in scoring position from Brett Gardner in the 12th inning.

Scoreboard Says:
Yankees 3, Rangers 2
W: Cory Wade*
L: Michael Kirkman

*No-Name Pitchers Can Pitch:
Fittingly, after a no-namer started the game, a different no-namer won it. The Yankees signed Wade to a minor-league contract on Sunday and called him up yesterday. Wade, 28, pitched for the Dodgers in 2008 and 2009; he was great in ‘08 and terrible in ‘09. I’m sure you’ve heard about Gordon by now.

Too Many Men Left on the Bases:
Between the Rangers and Yankees, there were a combined 23 men left on base (10 & 13, respectively). The Yankees had 11 of the 20 hits in the game. And, sometimes, there are games when there are more runs than hits. ***John Sterling chimes in, “You know, you can’t predict baseball.”***

Russell Returns:
Without playing since Sunday, Russell Martin had two hits and apparently called a great game in the win. Good to see him back in the lineup and not on the disabled list. He sat behind the plate for all 12 innings, too.

Game Ball:
Gordon. The Yankee newcomer allowed seven hits and two earned runs in 5 1/3 innings. That’s all the Yankees could ask for, and more.

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