June 29, 2011

Here’s today’s What the Heck Idea of the Day … starring Prince Fielder

OK, I’m not really sure if this WTH Idea of the Day will be an ongoing thing here on lenNY’s Yankees, but if there were any time to start today would be the day. Below you will find a headline on a column from NY Daily News’s John Harper (courtesy of HBT).

Harper chose the worst possible fit for the Yankees likely because they happen to be playing the team Prince Fielder plays for and he needed a catchy headline while working on deadline.

Still, as we found out last winter, when Cashman was overruled on the signing of Rafael Soriano, selling tickets sometimes supersedes critical thinking.

And while pitching may be the priority for these Yankees, the free-agent market will have little in the way of frontline starters, with the possible exception of C.J. Wilson. Meanwhile, Cashman believes he has his own elite pitching coming in Dellin Betances and Manny Banuelos, either of whom could be ready to step into the rotation in 2012.

Harper’s logic in brief: The Yankees need pitching but the trade market is thin this season, so they should upgrade their hitting.

That doesn’t quite work like the bullpen upgrade did (or was supposed to do) this offseason for balancing the pitching staff’s lack of starters.

Listen, I’m as big a fan as Fielder as anyone, and let’s not forget who his dad was. But Brian Cashman shouldn’t even make a phone call to the Brewers about the pudgy, expensive slugger.

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