June 6, 2011

Nate’s Takes: Bullpen, prospects, Jeter, Red Sox

Hello Yankee fans. Last week I said the Yankees would want to be within a game of the Red Sox before Tuesday’s home opener (that I am attending!). It’s surprising the Yankees are up a game with a chance to get revenge on a surging Red Sox team. What a job the Yankees have done in the past five games beating some very good pitchers and almost beating Felix Hernadez before that. The Yankees pitching staff seems to be carrying their sporadic offense (who would have thought that at the beginning of the year?).

I don’t know about you guys, but I couldn’t be more excited about this Yankees-Red Sox series. After all the games the Yankees have lost to their rival this year, all of that can be erased in the next four days. It has a 2009 kind of feel to it. A Yankees sweep would put them up four games, which would be the biggest division lead in baseball this year.

Kind of a side note, but I forgot to start Bartolo Colon on the day he threw a shutout. That’s my biggest fantasy mistake of the year so far. It is very rare for Yankee starters to throw shutouts. If you don’t believe me, check this out.

David Robertson and Joba Chamberlain are filling in for Rafael Soriano very nicely. The Yankees haven’t been very good at bringing up prospects lately, but they have built a pretty good bullpen from within. You think that would be a sign to stop signing relievers to big deals (Robertson makes less than $500,000 a year).

Speaking of Soriano. Anyone else pissed off the Yankees don’t have a first-round pick because of him? With the MLB draft getting more and more coverage, it kind of sucks that the Yankees have to wait until the 51st pick. In other news, former draft pick Gerrit Cole will be going to the Pirates with the No. 1 pick. Oh what could have been…

Are we ever going to see Andrew Brackman in the majors? I would have thought he would be on the 25-man roster by now. He just can’t seem to get it together.

Remember all the stupid things you did when you were 18? Well, apparently prospects are no different. Yankee prospect Gary Sanchez has been sent back to extended spring training for attitude problems. Some scouts think he has more potential then Jesus Montero.

Derek Jeter is closing in on 3,000. It would be a shame for him not to get it at home.

That’s all I have for the week. While this may only be a Yankee-Red Sox series in June, it has the feeling of a little October baseball. The Red Sox seem to have the edge in Game 1 with Lester facing Garcia. In Game 2, I give the Yankees the edge with Burnett over a 40-something-year-old Tim Wakefield. In the finale, you have the always-popular matchup between Josh Beckett and CC Sabathia. I would give the edge to CC, but let’s not forget how Beckett dominated the Yankees Lineup earlier this year. This series will be a big test for the offense, especially the many Yankees who are struggling. I can’t wait for Tuesday.

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