June 20, 2011

Nate’s Takes: Joe Girardi, Brett Gardner, Eduardo Nunez, Phil Hughes

Happy Father’s Day, Yankee Fans! Just wanted to send a special shout out to my dad Ron. Playing catch with him in the backyard is what got me into baseball years ago. I am sure most of you guys have similar stories. While this week started with an embarrassing 1-0 loss to Cleveland, the Yankees played relatively well and ended the week with a blowout win on Sunday Night Baseball.

The Yankees offense has been magnificent overall so far this year and a big part of that are home runs and walks. They continue to frustrate their fans for two reasons. One, they don’t hit particular well in clutch situations (they leave a lot of runners on base and do not score a lot of runs late in close games). Two, they continue to get shut out randomly by terrible (Doug Davis) pitchers. A lot of this can be drawn up to luck, or weather or maybe a late flight, but great offenses do not randomly get shut out. With that off my chest, here are my takes on the week.

Joe Girardi has done his best managerial job so far this year. With all the injuries, aging stars and poor seasons, the Yankees find themselves one and a half games out of first.

I love it when people try to predict the next closer of the Yankees. I’ve heard everything from Edwar Rameriz to Joba Chamberlain to Rafeal Soriano. It’s about time people start talking about David Robertson. This guy has done nothing but rake up strikeouts all the way back to his minor league days.

Brett Gardner should be batting leadoff. Versus lefties and righties. End of story.

Can someone teach Eduardo Nunez how to throw to first. Enough is enough. If only we could combine Ramero Pena’s fielding with Nunez’s bat.

Who would have thought the Yankees would have the best bullpen in baseball? Oh wait that’s what everyone thought at the beginning of the year. But, that was before all the injuries…

Good news, Phil Hughes reportedly hit 95 in his first start in Tampa. Hopefully he is just weeks away from joining the rotation.

Note: Monday afternoon I leave for Europe. As a graduation present to myself I bought a one-way ticket. Not sure when I will be back, but most likely 2-3 weeks. Hopefully the Yankees are still playing great baseball when I get back. I am not sure how much baseball I will be able to watch while I travel, so Ill probably have Lenny fill me in when I get back. Enjoy the rest of interleague play! When I get back it should be about time to talk about some potential trades (not Carlos Zambrano). Adios.

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