June 20, 2011

Poll Results: Bartolo Colon’s short leave hurts more than Joba Chamberlain’s injury

poll results79Last week’s poll yielded some firm results, as voters felt Bartolo Colon’s absence in the rotation would be more damaging to the Yankees than losing Joba Chamberlain for more than a year.

In brief, where did all the Joba hatred come from? Colon definitely made quite the impression on the Yankees and their fans with his superb pitching, but just a few months ago we were joking around about his size and didn’t think he had a chance to pitch in the majors again.

It’s too soon for updates on either players’ rehabs, but I’ll be sure to post Colon’s when the news is available because, clearly, you seem to care!

Next poll: What’s your take on interleague play?

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