July 25, 2011

Poll Results: Fans split on Jesus Montero’s trade value

poll results84My latest poll was inconclusive, so the debate will linger until Sunday’s trade deadline. Would you include Jesus Montero in a trade for Ubaldo Jimenez? Some of you said yes, some said no, and one said as long as it would only be him in the deal.

This type of result tends to occur with prospect value. Some fans put an incredible value on potential, while others realize they are still just prospects. If that statement didn’t reveal my vote then I’ll be a little more blunt for you: Yes, the Yankees should absolutely include Montero in a trade for Jimenez.

The Yankees farm system is loaded with catching prospects, but pitchers with electric arms don’t come around every day. Plus, if you aren’t making comparisons to the division-leading Red Sox, you aren’t fulfilling your duties as a fan. While Red Sox Nation is worried about their current third starter John Lackey (Clay Buchholz is on the DL), Yankees fans should be trembling when any starter after CC Sabathia toes the rubber.

The Yankees need pitching more than the Red Sox do, and that should be the determining factor for Brian Cashman if a reasonable deal is negotiated for a star pitcher.

Next poll: Take your pick: Curtis Granderson or Jacoby Ellsbury?

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