July 25, 2011

Nate’s Takes: Brandon Laird, Brett Gardner, Robinson Cano, Adam Warren

In any division besides the AL East, Yankee fans would be talking about how the Yankees are rolling and approaching 25 wins over .500. But in the AL East, Yankee fans can only look up at the red hot Red Sox and wonder if they can keep pace. The Yankees had a so-so road trip, splitting two of four against division rivals before almost sweeping the A’s.

Mark Texeria continues to have a terrible month, while Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon just won’t give up. The reinforcements are on their way as Eric Chavez and Rafael Soriano continue to rehab, and as the trade deadline approaches Yankee fans must sit back and see if Brian Cashman has anything up his sleeves. Here are my takes.

Brandon Laird is not a prospect. Any Yankee fans that think he has any future with the Yankees are kidding themselves. It was funny to hear John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman talk about how he has such a good approach at the plate. I would like to note that before getting called up he had zero walks in July with Scranton.

Who would have thought Teixeira would be hitting .240 after the month of April that he had?

Remember when everyone was talking about how Brett Gardner forgot how to steal bases? Now can anyone remember the last time he got caught stealing?

Robinson Cano needs to take more pitches and walk more. With his talent his OBP should be closer to .400 than .300. Dustin Pedroia continues to be twice as valuable as Cano even though Cano constantly hits more home runs.

I hate the idea of Derek Jeter batting second. Let’s take the person on the team that hits the most ground balls and grounds into the most double plays behind the batter that gets on base the most. That’s just stupid.

Who is the next prospect that gets the call to the Bronx. My guess is Adam Warren.

The Yankees face the Mariners starting Monday and it will be interesting to see if the Mariners can snap their 15-game losing streak. Most likely it will be on Tuesday’s game in which I am attending. The Yankees need to start sweeping bad teams if they want to keep pace in the division. My prediction for the week is that the Yankees sweep the Mariners and Orioles.

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