August 23, 2011

Nate's Takes: Alex Rodriugez, Jorge Posada, September call-ups, Bartolo Colon

Finally the Yankees find themselves alone in first place. After the Red Sox got shut out by the Rangers last night the Yankees sit a full game above Boston. They also have a comfortable 7.5 game lead in the wild card to fall back on. The Yankees rotation is eating up innings like its 2003 and the only question mark seems to be A.J. Burnett. With all the winning the Yankees have done in the past three years it seems like Burnett has not done his part to contribute. It’s nice to hear that Brian Cashman won’t make decisions based on money, but I will believe that when I see it. Here are my takes on the week as the Yankees look to make a push on the best record in baseball.

Alex Rodriguez is back in the lineup and it will be interesting to see if he can hit 30 home runs again this season. He always seems to find a way to do it.

How much fun is watching Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira try to outdo each other with home runs? Now imagine if A-Rod was in on their friendly competition.

Is it too soon to put Jorge Posada back as the full-time DH? It seems as though the second Joe Girardi took him out of the lineup he started hitting.

We are approaching September 1st call-ups. If you were the Yankees, who would you call up? I would take a backup catcher (Jesus Montero), another lefty (Steve Garrison or Raul Valdes), a backup infielder (Brandon Laird) and another outfielder or two (Greg Golson and Chris Dickerson).

It is time for Bartolo Colon to showing the Yankees some more if he wants to be the No. 2 starter in the playoffs. He started the season on fire and after coming back from the DL has been effective, but not the same. 

The Yankees have a quick three-game homestand versus Oakland before hitting the road to play the Orioles and Red Sox. This is where the Yankees can spate themselves a little bit from Boston. Look for the Yankees to end their six-man rotation after Sunday’s doubleheader. If I had to guess unless Burnett throws a gem his next time out, he will be bumped to the bullpen.

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