August 1, 2011

Nate’s Takes: Trade deadline, OBP & SLG, Freddy Garcia, Derek Jeter

The trade deadline has come and gone and the Yankees have the exact same roster. Although there might be some uproar from Yankee fans, I really don’t have a problem with Brian Cashman standing pat. The Yankees have the third best record in baseball, they rank second in runs and eighth in ERA.

Would a trade for Wandy Rodriguez, Erik Bedard or Heath Bell really have made them a better team? Would it have been worth giving up one or two top prospects to marginally help the 2011 New York Yankees? In my opinion it does not. However, I do think that Bedard was a great pickup for Boston. With the Yankees about to hit the road, here are my takes.

Last week I predicted the Yankees would sweep the Mariners and O’s. Is 7-3 a bad home stand? Not really, but I expected more against two of the worst teams in baseball.

The two factors that influence runs scored the most are OBP and SLG percentages (read Moneyball if you still believe that batting average is important). The Yankees are second and third in those categories respectively. The problem is that Boston is first in both categories – and by a wide margin.

Does Freddy Garcia remind anyone of El Duque? Of course El Duque was one of the best postseason pitchers of all time, but they both seem to scrap wins with mediocre stuff.

Look for Cashman to make a move once some big contract players clear waivers.

Eric Chavez is a very valuable piece to the Yankees right now. Alex Rodriguez is still weeks away from a return.

After Derek Jeter was hit by a pitch today, the Yankees are third in the league in HBP. What this actually means is that the Yankees OBP could be a lot lower than it really is. Although HBP is a skill set in some sense.

The Yankees have a tough Road Stand ahead of them. The White Sox are looking to make a push for the division and the Red Sox continue to be red hot. If the Yankees want to show the rest of the league that their starting pitching can hold up, this would be the week to do it. The Red Sox boast the top offense in baseball and I will be interested to see whom Joe Giradi trusts at the dangerous Fenway Park. My guess is not Garcia. I am predicting a 5-2 road trip for the Bombers. Enjoy some later games this week!

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