August 8, 2011

A walk in the wild

Somebody honked. Another hollered. Maybe I was just paranoid.

I don’t know what I was thinking; my mind was out of whack. But that’s another tale for another date.

In this tale, I walked the streets of Boston — Dorchester to be precise — with a Derek Jeter 3K shirt on. Although it was only for about 10 minutes, still, I am thankful to have returned unscathed.

Heck, I’m glad to have spoken to two friendly natives.

Although I’m calmly sitting here now, safely typing away on my laptop in my home, about to chow down on the monster sandwich I just picked up, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared.

To and from the restaurant, I walked quickly. Quicker than normal. So quickly I passed a happy couple on a skinny sidewalk. I’m not proud of that, but at least they were friendly about it.

And so, even though I really, really want to declare that I now feel safe walking through Boston sporting Yankees merch, I don’t think I can without second-guessing myself. It was an extremely short walk, and my shirt wasn’t displaying the Yankees insignia very prominently. It’s actually kind of an incognito Yankees shirt — perfect for a Yankees fan in Boston!

Plus, I’d say Sox fans are in a pretty good mood right now when it comes to the state of the rivalry. But the Red Sox fans we all love to hate — trust me, I know my fair share of Red Sox Nation from living in New Hampshire for the first 18 years of my life — tend to gloat, right? Maybe, just maybe, they were feeling secure enough tonight to take the high road. They only lead the division by a game, but wouldn’t you be feeling pretty confident knowing you can beat your rival’s best starter and reliever? Handily, too.

Now that I know the feeling of walking around Boston with a target on my back, I am certain that it was my first and final time.


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