September 12, 2011

Nate’s Takes: Rafael Soriano, Alex Rodriguez, Joe Girardi, Jesus Montero

Well football is back, which is bad news for baseball. With very few division races even close, baseball may have to take a backseat to football for the next month. The Yankees had an interesting week. They didn’t play particularly well and they suffered a few injuries that may have a long-term affect on their roster.

But after a week where the Yankees suffered some heartbreaking losses, you look at the standings and find that not only are the Yankees up by three and half games, but the Rays are dangerously close to being a real wild card threat. The Rays are only three games behind the Red Sox in the loss column and Yankee fans can only hope that a Red Sox team that has dominated the Yankees all year fails to reach the post season. Here are my takes.

Rafael Soriano has no place on this team and should not be pitching the seventh inning. Sorry, Rafael, but you had enough chances this year. Take a spot on the bench and come back next year and try to actually earn your paycheck.

With every day that Alex Rodriguez misses, I wonder if we are getting closer and closer to A-Rod as the full-time DH.

Does anyone get annoyed at Joe Girardi for not starting a starter to give him a day off and then putting them in later in the game? If you are going to give them a day off give them a full day off. Staying healthy and resting players should be the top priority.

It was pretty cool seeing Jesus Montero and Austin Romine each catch in a major league game on Sunday. We have been hearing about these two for a few years now.

Speaking of Jesus, what is the over-under on how many home runs he hits as a rookie next year? I am going to say 20.

With all the extra players on the roster, it would be nice for the Yankees to have a blowout or two this week so that they can rest the whole bullpen a few days.

With Sept. 11 marking the 10-year anniversary of the Twin Towers being struck, I thought I would at least mention a related baseball thought. What would the parade have been like if the Yankees won the 2001 World Series? I have always wondered that and we will never know.

The Yankees finish their road trip this week against some lesser competition. But the Blue Jays always do play them tough. Look for them to continue to expand their Al East lead.

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