December 30, 2011

Yankees re-sign Andrew Junes

The Yankees don't have a lot on their wish list this offseason, but one thing many fans have clamored for is to see Andruw Jones back in pinstripes.

Now he is, reports Jon Heyman, for one year and $2 million plus incentives. And it's hard to find fans upset with this deal.

For good reason, Jones spent most of his time hitting out of the sixth or seventh spot in the order last season. Jones hit .286 with a .384 on-base percentage and .540 slugging percentage against lefties last season, which accounted for two-thirds of his plate appearances. (Yes, hitting sixth or seventh in the Yankees lineup is an accomplishment. He could probably hit cleanup against lefties for some teams.)

However, the Yankees should try harder to avoid using him against right-handers; whom he hit just .172/.303/.406 against last season.

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