August 23, 2012

Mike Francesa has epic outburst over Mets struggles [Audio]

This 10-minute tirade by the one and only Mike Francesa of WFAN was too good not to post. It might be a good idea first to check out today's Mets-Rockies box score so you know why he's pissed. Check after the jump for my favorite quotes.

"The team was 46-73, when they came in here! They beat you four straight games, and they don't have anybody in the lineup!"

"The Mets are 12 and 30 in their last 42 games. Twelve and 30! Did you know they have lost 14 of their last 16 home games?! They have not scored more than two runs in a week!"

"On a base hit in front of him, he got nailed at second base! (Voice crack). This is Major League Baseball? You're actually paying to watch this?" (Go to 3:20 for this, the best part)

"If I was the manager I'd jump off the roof!"

"And now all you hear is 'Woah, Harvey, heh, wow, you know he struck out more guys than Nolan Ryan?' Are you trying to tell me now Harvey is going to be Nolan Ryan?!"

"Colorado came in and pitched their starting pitchers three innings!" (2nd voice crack)

"I've never seen a team die like this team. They have guys in this lineup now who look like they don't even know what they're supposed to do in the box. Have you watched Murphy lately? Have you watched Josh Thole lately? They're getting beat on 80-mile-an-hour fastballs."

"Listen I know Valdespin has no idea how to play. OK, I understand that. We understand that!"

"You can see what the Mets are trying to do to you now. They are trying to make it seem that Seaver and Koosman are around the corner. You know what? They're not!"

"The manager had the gall to stand there last night, 'You know what, we had a couple of good at-bats late.' Why, because he fouled off a couple of pitches?!"

"The last time the Mets hit a homer Cleon Jones was on the team!"

"Theeeeeeeeeeey stink!"

"I got Mr. Met on watch here, he's so depressed."

OK, so I transcribed the whole thing pretty much. Worth it!

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