August 23, 2012

Joe Girardi almost fought a heckler during an interview [Video]

This was the second unusual story from last night (here was the first). Watch this:

It's hard to hear exactly what the heckler said, but you can hear Joe Girardi respond to him:
"Hey, hey, hey, hey. Shut up. I'm doing an interview."
Initial reaction: Is this the first time Girardi has ever gotten riled up in an interview, albeit by a heckler, not a reporter?

My reaction moments later: How could Girardi and the reporters shake this incident off so casually? He walked right back to his spot surrounded by reporters and continued answering the question he was asked.

In light of the two acts of weirdness last night, I wanted to rekindle this compilation of oddities from the 2010 season. I'll never forget this one.

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