September 26, 2012

Yankees, contenders race for postseason [Globe]

OK, we're getting down to the wire now. There's one week left in the season, and all five playoff spots in the American League are up for grabs, and the National League still has one opening left to complete the playoff puzzle. Check out my latest, and perhaps last, feature for the Globe breaking down the races.

By the way, has a nice graphic on the postseason picture updated daily to keep for reference. It projects all of the matchups and includes dates and television information.

If you take a look at my breakdown, you're probably disappointed with my projection for the Yankees: first wild card, not the division. It's going to be close, no question about it. With the way the Rays are playing, winning their last six games, the Orioles probably have the tougher remaining schedule.

But the Yankees seem to be limping to the finish line. Jeter is hobbling. A-Rod doesn't look right. Where's Teixeira? The Yankees are relying on Ichiro, Ibanez and Swisher.

The pitching has looked good of late, and that's why they have a 1.5-game lead right now. Will it hold? I'm still pessimistic. But if the Yankees win their next two and the Orioles lose tonight, the Yankees will have a three-game lead with six games left. That might make me change my mind about this team.

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