July 6, 2009

Poll Results: Hughes is most trusted in pen

It was extremely tight race in my latest poll, but Phil Hughes pitched his way through the weekend to be voted the most trusted arm out of the Yankees bullpen (besides Mariano Rivera).

Alfredo Aceves was the other reliever neck-and-neck with Hughes, but Ace’s great outing Sunday was too little too late. Here are the full results (54 votes):

Alfredo Aceves:  33%
Brian Bruney:  5%
Phil Coke:  5%
Phil Hughes: 53%
David Robertson:  0%
Brett Tomko:  1%

Both Hughes and Aceves have been a couple of the best middle relievers this season, as has Phil Coke, who didn’t receive much love in the vote. Here’s how the Yankees dynamic trio stack up:

Aceves: 2.03 ERA, 40 IP, 34 K, 7 BB
Coke: 2.97 ERA, 36-1/3 IP, 28 K, 13 BB
Hughes: 1.23 ERA, 14-2/3 IP, 16 K, 3 BB

Hughes hasn’t allowed a run since June 10, Coke’s let in just one run since June 1, and Aceves only two runs since June 5.

No wonder Joe Girardi doesn’t want to take out anyone from the bullpen to fill in for Chien-Ming Wang. I agree with that move, for now. I suggest trading Shelley Duncan for a temporary replacement, or just call up Sergio Mitre.

Vote in next week’s poll on the left pane: Should the Yankees trade Shelley Duncan?

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