August 27, 2009

Imagine if…

The Yankees dealt with injuries to Jorge Posada and Alex Rodriguez in the first couple months of the season, and Chien-Ming Wang totally failed expectations. That’s about it in terms of injuries, unlike the other team that plays in New York. Imagine if…

  1. Jeter missed half the season (Jose Reyes)
  2. Tex missed 3/4 of the season (Carlos Delgado)
  3. CC missed the second half (Johan Santana)
  4. A.J. Burnett missed 2/3 of the season (John Maine)
  5. Andy Pettitte missed half the season (Oliver Perez)
  6. Brett Gardner missed nearly the entire season (Fernando Martinez)
  7. A-Rod misses a month (David Wright)
  8. Johnny Damon missed half the season (Carlos Beltran)

The sad part is there are even more.

The Mets are 13 games below .500 and have fallen way out of the playoff picture. The Yankees would be in the same boat with all of those injuries.

Remember when the Yankees thought it was bad when Gary Sheffield and Hideki Matsui missed most of the season in 2006? I’m pretty sure the Mets have one-upped (downed?) that case.

Oh well. Maybe next year, Mets.

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