January 5, 2010

Yankees walk-offs 2009

The year 2009 may forever be known as “The year of the walk-off.” The new Yankee Stadium hosted 15 walk-offs for the Yankees. No, that’s surprisingly not the record. The Pirates did it 17 times in 1959 and 1977 (thanks Larry).

Anyway, here are all 15 13 of my game posts on the walk-off wins.
April 22 vs. A's — Melky Cabrera
May 1 vs. Angels — Jorge Posada
May 15 vs. Twins — Cabrera (2)
May 16 vs. Twins — Alex Rodriguez
May 17 vs. Twins — Johnny Damon
May 23 vs. Phillies — Cabrera (3)
June 12 vs. Mets — Rodriguez (2) — I was at my first concert! 
July 4 vs. Blue Jays — Posada (2)
July 20 vs. Orioles — Hideki Matsui
Aug. 7 vs. Red Sox — Rodriguez (3)
Aug. 12 vs. Blue Jays — Robinson Cano
Aug. 28 vs. White Sox — Cano (2)
Sept. 8 vs. Rays — Nick Swisher — Working a TV show at QU
Sept. 16 vs. Blue Jays — Francisco Cervelli
Sept. 29 vs. Royals — Juan Miranda
Oct. 9 vs. Twins — Mark Teixeria (ALDS)

The most satisfying walk-off in my opinion was A-Rod’s third of the year against the Red Sox on Aug. 7, headlined “The best game ever played.” I watched it with my summer ball battery mate, a Boston fan. Even though his team came up on the losing end, he was a good enough sport to realize he had just watched an amazing game. It was especially inspiring to us because it was a pitchers’ duel. I’ll remember that night forever. Thanks, Gagey!

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