June 9, 2010

Guest post: Trade deadline ideas for Yankees — the Long way

By Susan Long 

The trade deadline feels so far away at the end of July - but it will be the All Star break soon and then the trade deadline will be upon us. The Yankees look like a solid team, 36-22 and two games behind Tampa. But the recent series against the Mets (1-2) and Toronto (1-2) exposed some key weaknesses.

There are two moves that the Yankees should make prior to the trade deadline in order to make a solid team even stronger. One, an offensive outfielder. Granderson has shown some pop since returning from the disabled list including the grand slam against the lowly Orioles, and Swisher is consistent but between Gardner, Thames and Russo, there is no power threat off the bench or in late innings. The second, a DH. Right now, Jorge is the DH since he cannot catch. However, he cannot hit either and between he and Cervelli who is in a slump, that’s two holes in the line up.

With those weaknesses in mind, there are two potential moves for the Yankees. One is significantly easier than the other: Ty Wigginton. I hear you already. They don’t need a 2B/1B man, they have Cano and Tex. True. Very true. But Wigginton has the power and consistency to DH. He could bring some much needed pop and oomph to the line up and spell either Tex or Cano without losing anything in the line up. He would also be a late inning power threat off of the bench.

The second is more of a challenge but very much a rent a slugger in the fashion of Cecil Fielder, Ruben Sierra, David Justice, et al. I think if the Dodgers are out of it, the Yankees need to trade for Manny Ramirez. Yes, Manny. That Manny. Yankee and American League pitcher-killing Manny. He can play the outfield or DH and he would be a threat. He wouldn’t want to play in New York? Yes he would, with the hope of a ring. Manny would wear pinstripes. And I don’t necessarily think that would be a bad thing. The Yankees need him - and he needs the Yankees.

As for who they’d trade for either of these? That’s a little harder. I think there’s some value in Juan Miranda, or even Brett Gardner if they’re serious about going after Carl Crawford in free agency. The Yankees brass is good at making lemonade out of spoiled lemons: A-Rod for Alfonso Soriano. Nick Swisher for Wilson Betemit? Cashman will make a solid move at the deadline and this team will be stronger for it.

About the Author: Susan Long is a dedicated Yankees Fan who would love to give up her day job at Sell Property Quickly and keep those Yankees in line full time!

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