June 8, 2010

Lupica: ‘Teixeira looked like a bargain’ last season

I was agreeing with Mike Lupica’s latest column on Mark Teixeira until the very end when he said “Teixeira was worth every nickel last season. He looked like a bargain, even at his magic number ($200 million).”

A bargain?! He made $20 million last year and is making the same ridiculous amount this year. How in the world could he throw that term out when there are players making half, HALF! the money he is and producing just as much or more.

Take Prince Fielder, who signed a two-year, $18 million deal (total) in 2009. Last year Fielder ousted Teixeira in literally every offensive category and only fell short on the defensive end. If I’m a baseball general manager, I’d sacrifice the defense for an $11 million discount.

How about Derrek Lee? He posted nearly identical numbers to Teixeira and possesses a great glove. In 2006, he signed a five-year, $65 million deal.

I’m sorry, but the word bargain is reserved for those who are actually out-producing their contract, not living up to it. Teixeira lived up to his contract, I guess, last year. In order for Teixeira to be a bargain, he’d have to set records and basically match the McGwire/Sosa numbers from the late ‘90s.

I have absolutely no sympathy for players making $20 million or more. When you make that much you have to be a sure thing.

Anyone know who the biggest bargain in baseball is today?

It’s Ubaldo Jimenez. He signed a four-year, $10 million deal last year and is now the best pitcher in baseball posting unheard of numbers. Now he’s a bargain.

I know it’s still June and Teixeira has time to turn his season around, but a season hitting less than 30 homers and a .250 batting average would be unacceptable for a first baseman making $20 million.

And don’t get me started on A-Rod.

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