June 15, 2010

Mitre to join Aceves on DL with oblique injury; Logan recalled

Everyone’s favorite Boone is back! **Cough, cough. Choke. Heart attack.** I’m talking about Boone Logan, you know, the left-handed specialist who can’t get lefties out and can’t pitch at Yankee Stadium. That Boone, not this guy.

He’s taking the spot of Sergio Mitre, who, as Ben Shipigel reports, has an oblique injury and will be placed on the disabled list soon.

Mitre was doing great as a fill-in for Alfredo Aceves, who got a positive injury update today. Mitre allowed just two runs over his last 11 innings.

Fortunately, it sounds like Ace will be back with the team soon, which most likely will mean the end of Mr. Boone’s stint.

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