June 15, 2010

Yanks lineup without A-Rod to start Phillies series

Tonight’s lineup via the Star-Ledger:

Derek Jeter 6
Curtis Granderson 8
Mark Teixeira 3
Robinson Cano 4
Nick Swisher 9
Jorge Posada DH
Brett Gardner 7
Francisco Cervelli 2
Ramiro Pena 5

Anyone missing? Oh that’s right. That would be Alex Rodriguez. The highest paid player in the game and the Yankees cleanup hitter. He hopes to be back tomorrow (which is what he said about today, too).

Via Erik Boland:

ARod says he won't play today, hopes for tomorrow. But feels "much better" than he did Thur in Balt when he came out

Via Marc Carig:

If ARod returns tomorrow, it will be at third base. "We're talking full go," Girardi said.

This will be his fourth game missed in a row. The Yankees were fine without him against the Astros this weekend, but they are the Astros. Tonight is the Phillies.

Bottom line: The Yankees won’t have A-Rod tonight against Roy Halladay, putting them at a huge disadvantage.

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