June 21, 2010

Poll Results: Rays meant to be in second

poll results27Fans voted the Rays as the second-best team in the toughest division in baseball, presumably behind the New York Yankees.

Currently, the Yankees hold a nine-run lead over the Rays in run differential (101-92), which rank Nos. 1-2, respectively, in the majors.

The standings are quite interesting to look at as we speak. The Yankees hold a one-game lead over the Rays AND the Red Sox, who have won six games in a row and head to Colorado and San Francisco this week. Yes, they do have to face Ubaldo Jimenez (13-1, 1.15) Wednesday.

The Rays have a little easier of a schedule, as they get to host San Diego and Arizona. The Yankees are on the road against Arizona and then Los Angeles over the weekend for their first meeting with Joe Torre since he left them.

Still, the top three records in baseball reside in the AL East. Unbelievable.

New poll: Are you for realignment?

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