July 3, 2010

11-run third inning fuels Yankees’ win

The Yankees scored all 11 of their runs in the third inning, led by Brett Gardner’s grand slam and Alex Rodriguez’s three-run (sun-helped) double. Andy Pettitte worked an easy six innings, allowing just two homers and three singles to lead the Yanks to an 11-3 win and his 10th victory of the year.

Dustin Moseley made his Yankee debut with two perfect innings.

Best of All: The Yankees pounced on Ricky Romero in the third and were very patient against Brian Tallet. However, it was a little disheartening to see 11 runs scored in the third inning and nothing more the rest of the way.

Worst of All: Nothing to ruin your Saturday over! Enjoy it.

Coming Up: The series finale is between Phil Hughes and Brandon Morrow tomorrow on Independence Day!

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