July 3, 2010

Bloomquist, McDonald, Nix linked to Yanks

This isn’t breaking news, but I never mentioned Willie Bloomquist, John McDonald and Jayson Nix as potential trade targets for the Yankees. The topic arose this morning on MLBTR, as Brian Cashman made it clear “the bench is the area of priority as of right now.” 

Instead of discussing whether those three infielders would be good or bad options for the Yankees — I think all of us would agree any of them would be upgrades — I want to question Cashman’s logic here.

I was surprised by the quote. Before, the Yankees made it clear they were looking for a bat to replace Nick Johnson and some bullpen help. Now, when it seems the bullpen is struggling the most, Cashman still prioritizes the bench.

Perhaps he’s thinking it will be easier to acquire a bench piece now and a reliever closer to the deadline. If that’s the case, then it’s understandable. But just to be clear, the weakest part of the team right now is definitely the bullpen. If Cashman doesn’t think that, we’ve got problems.

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