July 18, 2010

Burnett the coward

A.J. Burnett showed me everything he was made of yesterday after allowing a two-run homer to No. 9 hitter Reid Brignac in the second inning.

By going back to the dugout, slamming both of his hands on a piece of plastic attached to the clubhouse doors and then lying to assistant trainer Steve Donohue, Burnett should be exiled from the team and follow Carlos Zambrano’s footsteps to anger management.

What good is he doing with the Yankees? The idea that pitching coach Dave Eiland was all Burnett needed to return to his greatness of April and May vanished yesterday after his two-plus innings of self-destruction.

He’s the worst starter in the rotation and making the same amount of money as most aces. He’s despicable, a coward, too, but his contract makes him impossible to be moved off the team or even to the bullpen.

Realistically, I have no idea what the Yankees should do with him, but the Yankees are going to have to think of something to prevent Burnett from bringing them down.

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