July 18, 2010

Pettitte’s injury adds pressure for Burnett

For the second straight day a Yankee starter left in the third inning. Yesterday was because of A.J. Burnett’s stupidity, today was Andy Pettitte coming up lame after a pitch to Kelly Shoppach.

It didn’t look good initially as Pettitte flexed and grabbed his left groin and it doesn’t look good now after being dubbed a strained left groin.

Curtis Granderson suffered the same injury in May and missed close to a month. This means Pettitte is likely headed to the DL and will need a replacement.

My money is on the recovering Sergio Mitre. Still, the guy most affected by this is Burnett, who I ranted about this morning.

Burnett hasn’t thrown like a No. 2 starter, but Pettitte has picked up the slack. Now that Pettitte’s most likely gone for a while, Burnett is going to have to resolve his issues.

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