August 17, 2010

Cano’s OPS directly correlates to Yankees’ success

Cano OPS chart
Robinson Cano’s OPS has an 82.8 percent correlation to the Yankees winning percentage this year. (Click chart to enlarge.)

In this study, samples were taken every month, not daily. This definitely makes room for error, but I’d be shocked if Cano’s OPS didn’t have at least some correlation to the Yankees’ success.

Although Cano is slumping lately, there is some good news for Yankee fans. Cano has a career .919 OPS in September/October (.346/.369/.549). This means that if this study holds true for the rest of the season and Cano lives up to his track record, the Yankees will make a strong push for the division title come September.

Data collected by Andrew McDermott.

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