August 17, 2010

Yankees sign 16 of top 17 draft picks

Last night was the deadline for signing players out of the 2010 draft. Heading into deadline day, the only pick unsigned by the Yankees in their top 10 rounds was their fourth-rounder Mason Williams, but the Yankees signed him before the deadline last night. They signed 16 of their top 17 picks and 29 of their 50 overall.

For scouting reports on Cito Culver (1st round), Angelo Gumbs (2nd) and Robert Segedin (3rd), check out my posts from draft night.

For a complete list of the Yankees draft picks, head over to Baseball America. And if you’re really into prospects, go ahead and pay the fee to subscribe to Baseball America.

Also, check out The Yankee U’s take on the Yankees’ top 10 picks and more.

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